img1This website is created at the initiative of the government of the Republic of Bulgaria after discussions with representatives of the embassies of other countries here. It is created and administered by the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria. Its purpose is to provide general information and guidance to foreign nationals on the process of acquisition and management of real estate in the Republic of Bulgaria. Here you can find general information on: the right of foreign nationals to stay in the country and acquire real estate, stages in buying and selling property, taxes and duties, property management, property frauds, answers to frequently asked questions. For many of the issues there are also links to additional external sources of information. The site content is available in Bulgarian, English and Russian. Unfortunately, much of the external links are only available in Bulgarian. Different aspects of the acquisition and management of property are governed by dozens of laws and other regulatory acts of the Bulgarian legislation (references to some of them you will find in this website). Because of this, the site should not be regarded as a universal tool to provide a solution to the whole range of options, resulting from the acquisition and management of property, or as an alternative to hiring a good lawyer in the process of management of real estate.
Providing tips, recommendations and materials, a wide range of institutions related to the concerned issues have been involved in the construction of the content of the site, as well as representatives of the embassies of the countries whose nationals own property in the country.